We are looking for "a few Good Men / Women / People in general" (not necessarily Generals) who are on a quest to answer a few nagging questions.

For example:

"Whose idea was it to use a software development tool to manage complex business processes?"

"How can I make sure that the person I give this task to understands the context?"

"Is there a way a person can easily ask for more information about a given subject and communicate with the right person first time?"

"How can I make sure all my documentation is up-to-date, meaningful and accessible?"

"What might this cost me?"

"The price?" 

If you ponder any of these questions (or others that a good ALEiGNment might answer), you may well be the "Good People" we're searching for.

Interested in finding out more?

Where we want to use ALEiGN is with organisations that value (that is actually like and care for) their people and equally, care for and value their customers. 

If this sounds like you and your organisation - read on McDuff.... 

Get in touch through our contact form at www.aleign.com and hit  "More Questions? .. leave a message" in the popup, fill out the form and our friendly neighbourhood ALEiGNment expert will arrange a call to see if, in fact, ALEiGN can answer these deep and very frustrating questions. 

We may even be able to discuss “the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” if we have time.