Hi and welcome to ALEiGN ™

For the sake of clarity – ALEiGN is pronounced “align”.
The product ALEiGN is the result of a lot of pondering on one thing - why do some organisations crush the souls of their people?

At first, back in the 80's I thought that was just what happens in big organisations.  Then in the 90's when I got to start and run my own company I figured it was something that happened in other companies that just didn't like their people.  In the 00's while working in big government departments I figured out that it was pretty much the way things get when organisations get past a few thousand people. 

Without boring you dear reader and there's been plenty of great work on this subject, when organisations get large, they tend to fall apart.  

So, to solve that problem, ALEiGN (the product) lets you create small teams that work together, know each other, and solve problems so they are contributing to the success of the organisation. 


The 'Quick Reference Guides' provided here set this out in terms of each of the product's functions and features.  Over time, if there's interest we will also provide articles on how we and others have used ALEiGN to "make better".   Whether it's by letting a team just get on with their work, ensuring the rebels voices are heard, or showing that management really do care about what's happening in the shop floor.

I know there are a lot of tools out there – everything from Trello to Slack and in-between and around the edges.   Reality is that when great teams use these products I bet you get great results.

But, the tools do not maketh the man

What I believe sets ALEiGN apart is that there is a philosophy behind it that believes that the teams, management and the organisation as a whole want to make each other’s life better and their products and services better.

In this first version of the product you will see the basis of this philosophy at work. As feedback is obtained in the real world, an array of additional functions will be developed and released – with the overriding desire that the product is always simple, intuitive and practical.

Thanks for reading this far – I hope you enjoy using the product and that the sense of humour used in writing the accompanying QRGs make its use a little bit more fun…

Interested in finding out more?

Where we want to use ALEiGN is with organisations that value (that is actually like and care for) their people and equally, care for and value their customers. 
Get in touch through our contact form at www.aleign.com and hit  "More Questions? .. leave a message" in the popup, fill out the form and our friendly neighbourhood ALEiGNment expert will arrange a call to see if, in fact, ALEiGN can answer these deep and very frustrating questions.