We went to work, creating a solution by taking the key components of a dozen or so frameworks, breaking them down into their constituent parts, and created something that uses the least number of moving parts to deliver an outcome.  

Design Philosophy 101

All my stuff in one place

If you want to profit from an organisation's dysfunction, provide them with more and more tools and more and more processes.

Have you ever noticed in Japanese art, sculpture, architecture, and food - there isn't much going on.  It's just simple and beautiful.

In designing ALEiGN we've tried to do the same thing.  You have one integrated product for strategic development, task management, collaboration, chat, messaging, document management, and reporting.  

Because everything is in one place, you can't hide what's going on.  This means you must have an organisation that places trust and support ahead of fear and blame.  

Interested in finding out more?

Where we want to use ALEiGN is with organisations that value (that is actually like and care for) their people and equally, care for and value their customers. 

If this sounds like you and your organisation Get in touch through our contact form at www.aleign.com and hit  "More Questions? .. leave a message" in the popup, fill out the form and our friendly neighbourhood ALEiGNment expert will arrange a call to see if, in fact, ALEiGN can answer these deep and very frustrating questions.