Two words - one philosophy

The Japanese call it Kaizen - 'Change for the Better'.
An approach of continual improvement, small changes as often as possible.

If we, as part of an organisation, understand our team and our individual actions required to achieve a common goal, we feel a sense of purpose in our work.  Add to this the opportunity to use our skills to improve this work, recognition from our peers and managers - this sense of worth also improves.

ALEiGNing your team with ALEiGN's sentiment manager, allows managers to do what they are meant to - help people when they need it, leave them alone when they don't, and give them a pat on the back when they kick goals.

Is your organisation looking to "Make Better"

The ALEiGN approach won't suit everyone.

The concept of the "high trust" working environment does not mean managers just assume the guys are working hard and everything's going to be all right.  What it means is, the managers assume their people will put their hands up when they need help and won't hide means that manager's won't reach for the bayonet when someone says "hey boss, I just don't think I can do this".

It's a fact of life that some organisations have a culture of micromanagement, or what's sometimes described as a culture of fear. These organisations won't use ALEiGN - we get that, and that's cool. 

Does this sound familiar? Interested in finding out more?

Where we want to use ALEiGN is with organisations that value (that is actually like and care for) their people and equally, care for and value their customers at an affordable cost / price.

If this sounds like you and your organisation, Get in touch through our contact form at and hit  "More Questions? .. leave a message" in the popup, fill out the form and our friendly neighbourhood ALEiGNment expert will arrange a call to see if, in fact, ALEiGN can answer these deep and very frustrating questions.